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How to make a game

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How to make a game Empty How to make a game

Post  Colm 25th June 2012, 9:53 pm

Hello, i'm announcing that you can make games for TechCraft! This just like the town game we have but better.

We advise you do use everything minecraft has to offer.

Remember that the creative world is PVP.

All games will be protected with you as the owner, so don't worry about grief.

Game recommendations:
Warp building
How to play
Fun and good gameplay
Well developed
It needs to fit one of these genres: Puzzle, PvP, Parkour or Redstone (If you have any genres that are not on here, please feel free to post it)

*Bonus* (This gives you more of a chance to get a higher map ranking)
It maintains itself, so no one has to keep on resupplying chests or blocks. (We can make dispensers infinite)
Well lit up.
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